Installation Tutorial

How To Use Our World/Texture Pack Files

In response to several members of the community struggling to use our creation in Minecraft, I’ll provide you guys with this written tutorial detailing step-by-step how to “install” our world and texture pack in Minecraft.

1. Download both the texture pack and world file located on our download page.

2.Locate your “.minecraft” folder on your computer, the default installation directory for your Minecraft game is C:/Users/(your pc’s name)/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft for PC, and ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves/ for Mac.

(PC only) The folder titled “AppData” is a hidden folder, to be able to see this folder you must go to your computers control panel, appearance and personalization, and then to folder options. In “Folder Options”, navigate to the “view” tab and underneath where it says “Hidden files and folders”, check the box to show hidden files and folders, or drives. While this is a good thing to do for the future, you can also access your AppData folder by typing “%appdata%” into the start menu search box.

3. Inside your .minecraft folder will be two more folders that you should visually locate before continuing this tutorial, those being the “saves” folder and the “resourcepacks” folder.

4. For the world file, you will need to use a program such as winzip or winrar to extract the zip file. Make sure to click “extract here” and not “extract in a new folder”. After you have extracted this folder, move it to the “saves” folder in your .minecraft directory, then you are done with that; it will be accessible through the single player option in Minecraft now.

5. For the necessary texture pack, do not extract that folder, simply move the downloaded file into the “resourcepacks” folder inside the .minecraft directory. Then when in the Minecraft menu, navigate to Options, Resource Packs…, and move our texture pack from the left column to the right column.

When you open the world now in single player, you should see it as we had intended it to be seen so long as our texture pack is the only texture pack in the right column along with the default pack. Also we suggest you play the world in “peaceful mode” to avoid hazardous mobs wrecking the world.

If you have further questions, there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube, search “how to install custom maps in minecraft” and you should find plenty of tutorials.