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26 days ago
Best tips for building


The few tips I could give is to use a block pallet, this helps a lot with finding suitable blocks that match and allows for some pretty detailing. I would also recommend using different varieties of depth as this helps making your build stand out!

about 1 month ago
On-Going Projects!

Nice one Greg! I still love the cannons and the jet engine looks great too!

about 1 month ago
Update on the Status for the Map download?

Hey there!

A map download is on the way! Sorry if it's taking a while for it being released, but uploading a 50GB+ map with a limited upload speed tends to take long periods of time. 

Expect a map download being released soon!

about 1 month ago
Hey friends!

o/ Kouvr,

Always busy balancing your schedule, with either work, school or Ghibli ;)

about 1 month ago
[Old Creative] Pictures

I still think your builds from the previous Creative are amazing Gré!