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21 days ago
On-Going Projects!

Your plots make my brain happy , highfive o/ 

22 days ago
Favorite Studio Ghibli movie?

My first one was Spirited Away so it has nostalgic value, but I adore Ponyo because of the underwater scenes; they're so gorgeous. I really do love all the ones I've watched though.

22 days ago
[Old Creative] Pictures

I think I may remember seeing the last one before the reset. Did you use any of these for ranks or were they all just for fun plots?

22 days ago
Best tips for building

Playing with depth, so having 2-3 block deep walls instead of the normal 1 block squares adds detail to the exterior pretty easily.

Also, especially with this texture pack, there's a bunch of blocks suited for smaller details (like putting items in item frames or using the potted plant textures).

I used to watch a lot of Grian and he had some good tips for beginning to build higher depth builds. If you don't want to watch any videos, you could just go look at peoples plots (right off the top of my head- Greg, and Will have good ones). 


Sorry if that's a lot, I wanted to add on :,) 

27 days ago
(Un)official count to 30 before a staff posts