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about 1 year ago
GhibliCraft is a work of art

Dear creators,

I just wanted to say thank you. GhibliCraft truly is a work of art and it makes me tear up a little being able to immerse myself in these beautiful worlds. Thank you.


Best, Sophie

about 1 year ago
Help-the server says I'm not whitelisted?

Hi everyone! I just discovered this amazing ghibli server last night and was having such a magical time on it. Today when I went to go on, when I try to log in, it says I'm not whitelisted and it won't let me on. I'm not sure what happened-did I get banned? If so, I'm not sure why! I was just flying around exploring. I did drink a potion of speed to make myself able to fly faster but other than that I'm not sure what I did. Or is it just a glitch that's going on today? If anyone could help me that would be amazing. Best, Garden/Sophie

My username is agardengirl.