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Active Staff Needed!

hello Weston and kouvr

about 1 month ago

Hi! I'm Omer, kinda new to GC, 14 yrs old, and a big fan of Alan Becker and his animations. Got to know GhibliCraft through his YouTube and Discord server and been waiting for a pretty long time to finally join and play.

about 1 month ago
New Player Tips

if you're talking about survival, I can give you a tip about building your base.
try to build it as far as possible from the spawn area, at least a thousand blocks or even more. that way it'll be harder for people to raid your base. (I didn't think of it until a kouvr told me but there you go.)

 and if we're already talking about raiding, try hiding your precious items in a secret place inside of your base, that only you know how to access it.

I'm new to GC as well so I don't know everything, but tried to give you some tips :)

about 1 month ago
why am i a non

op shush

about 1 month ago
Hello 4!

4th? kewl.