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Hello, I'm UltraGamer135, but most people call me Ultra. I like video games, programming, computers, and more! My discord username is Ultragamer#1946.

1 day ago
Confusing rules

Hello! The rules say that glitches, hacking, and anything else that gives an advantage is not allowed. Does this include the composter glitch or dupe glitches? I was told by a moderator that glitches are allowed, but the rules page says otherwise, so I am very confused. The rules also say no AFK grinding. If I taped down my mouse button, would this count as breaking the rules? I have a set of mods I like to use that don't give any advantage. These mods are sodium and phosphorus (they act like optifine for fabric modloader), Roughly enough items (this lets me see the crafting layouts for items, it's pretty much Too many Items mod for fabric ), don't drop it (a mod to prevent me from dropping items on accident), WAILA (a mod that tells me the name of the block I am looking at), and Appleskin (a mod that lets me see my current saturation and how much food points get restored when I eat). Are these mods allowed?

1 day ago
Duplication and Glitches

Doesn't the rules page say not to use glitches?